Medical Marijuana Myths and Realities for Well Being- HitPro Guide

Gone are the days when Marijuana was just a ‘tool’ to get potentially high- and for that reason, it was considered illegal in most parts of the world. But as humanity is pacing the ladder of medicine; even the most overlooked plants are coming out to be useful for human health in various ways. The benefits of legalizing cannabis include, it can be easy to access. There are many medical marijuana doctors near me that provide profound assistance to patients in need on legal terms.

However, it can’t be denied that several myths are getting mixed up with the reality of how medical Marijuana works. So to avoid any confusion, let’s try to separate either of them.

Is Medical Marijuana A New Phenomenon?

The truth is that Marijuana has been used far and wide over centuries for medical purposes. The more significant reason behind it being illegal is its depressant tendencies that moved societies into specifying Marijuana under the list of banned edibles. But the fact that cannabis is being used and prescribed in the practice of wisdom and herbs cannot be denied; for treatment of cancer, chronic diseases- as well as to help the effects of depression and anxiety. The actual lead to Marijuana is the dried leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds that are fetched from the hemp plant called cannabis. 

Purposes Of Medical Marijuana

The whole reason behind specifically allowing cannabis to be prescribed to patients is the full amount of benefit that can be availed in its consumption. 

Marijuana can be given to cancer patients- after chemotherapy; a person goes through several hormonal disbalances, nausea, disturbed mental health, loss of appetite; this situation can be made better through cannabis. 

Similarly, cannabis is also beneficial for HIV and AIDS patients. 

In addition to this, a disease known as Glaucoma has already been treated through Marijuana’s dose. But there is a little drawback which is; that cannabis is only useful in Glaucoma patients for lesser periods. Hence, not giving it away with the tag of myth, cannabis is however used for Glaucoma but is less effective.

What Are The Side Effects Of Marijuana?

Similar to any other herb, Marijuana does also have high power effects. Since this is used as a drug or depressant; its side effects include things related to numbness. Abundant consumption of cannabis; for medical purposes as well can turn into altering of senses, short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or in some cases, it might lead to hallucinations, delusions, and psychotic behavior. 

While Marijuana is being allowed in several states of the US, there’s still a need to check because unlike some myths; Marijuana cannot magically make a disease disappear. 

What Are The Conditions Which Makes You Eligible For Medical Marijuana?

While Marijuana is used for medical purposes has been legal in multiple places, there are also restrictions to it. Marijuana is mostly preferred to be used as a side drug and not something to rely on as a spot-on treatment; since herbs and plants affect in long term situations. 

The latest research shows that Medical Marijuana is most beneficial in relieving conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis as well.

The approved states for which doctors can prescribe cannabis include AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, eating disorders, Cachexia, a persistent muscle spasm, and wasting syndrome.

General Myth

People generally believe that once you start giving your body Marijuana’s dose, there’s no going back as your body now doesn’t alienate with the drug anymore. But researchers of the National Institute on Drug Abuse have suggested that Marijuana is not a factual gateway to harder drugs; only what it does is psychologically tends a person’s mind to get comfortable using drugs.

 However, getting too comfortable on cannabis does make you addicted to the drug for a fact- leading you to severe long term consequences. Thus, I always take care of the assumption and better not use it without a doctor’s referral.