The Right Way to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

Choose the best quality green tea products

The right way to drink green tea is to choose the best quality green tea products.

Here you have to carefully choose a quality green tea brand.

You better check the contents in green tea packaged products.

Make sure you choose green tea that only contains natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

Consume green tea brewed from real tea leaves and avoid buying green tea in powder packaging.

This is because the properties of powdered green tea are not as many as green tea that comes from steeping the original tea leaves.

Do not add the mixture to the green tea brew

You can’t drink green tea carelessly.

To get the benefits, avoid adding any mixture to your steeping green tea.

Because basically, green tea has its own distinctive taste.

If you add sugar or other ingredients to green tea, this will make green tea excess in calories.

It would be better if you really consume pure green tea leaf brew.

Drinking green tea while warm

Green tea can be enjoyed warm or cold.

But if you want benefits for dieting and lose excess weight, you should enjoy green tea warm.

Brew real tea leaves with hot water at a temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius.

Then leave it for a while until the tea becomes warm and drink until it’s gone.

Avoid mixing green tea with ice cubes. Of course this will reduce the efficacy of green tea for the diet program.

Drink green tea before meals

If you don’t have stomach acid, it’s best to drink green tea before meals.

The way to drink green tea for weight loss is to consume it 30 minutes before meals.

This is because it is believed to reduce hunger and make you a little full.

In this way, when eating you will limit the portion of food.

Consumed 3-4 times a day

The right way to drink green tea for the next diet is to follow simple rules for drinking it.

To help the process of losing weight, you should consume it 3-4 times a day.

Meanwhile, the best time to drink it is in the morning and in the afternoon to refresh the body and mind.

Apart from these times, you can also enjoy green tea in the afternoon after work.

Those are the five right ways to drink green tea for weight loss. Try to discuss further with a nutritionist.

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