What is the best container to store your whiskey in?

If you are a whiskey lover, you know that light can affect its color, taste, smell, and texture. People store whiskey in dark places. But have you ever thought of using apothecary jars to preserve whiskey? It sounds crazy, but the idea is to use jars made of violet glass or miron glass. This glass will not only protect your whiskey from the light, but will energize its molecular structure, helping it to maintain its smell, color, flavor, and texture for longer. Thanks to the variety of wholesale glass dropper bottles, you can start with smaller containers and a bottle of different whiskey. Even after months of storage, the whiskey will have the same characteristics it had when you first bought it.

Benefits of ultraviolet light

Have you ever wondered why it is not recommended to leave whiskey exposed to light for a long time? To explain this, you must first know that light is divided into rays. People know the ray that damages your whiskey are the “visible rays” that allow your eyes to see what surrounds them. However, light has more rays that you cannot see. These are the ultraviolet and infrared rays. The violet glass filters out these rays, blocking the visible light ray and allowing all the others to pass through. Ultraviolet light does not damage your whiskey because it has a frequency of 720-770 billion Hertz, which keeps the molecular structure of the whiskey intact for longer.

How to label the jars

If you have a whiskey collection, it is normal that you want to know which whiskey is in which jar. You can use labels you print on your computer or buy self-adhesive labels on the Internet. The information you put on these labels is up to you. Some people just put the name of the whiskey, while others add the date when the whiskey was placed inside the jar, the year it was produced, the company that markets it, and so forth. Another option is to give numbers to the jars and use tools such as Google Sheets to create a database of your whiskeys. This alternative is useful because you can also register other drinks you have at home to have a complete database. If you like technology, you can label the jars with QR codes and use a mobile application to create the database. It’s your choice.